To book your private photoshoot, just give us a call or stop by to talk to us. We will provide a free consultation and discuss what you want from your photoshoot. After confirming your package type and your preferred date and time, we will email you lots of wardrobe and other helpful hints along with a questionnaire that will help us make your photoshoot PERFECT for YOU!


We only book ONE Mild to Wild client at a time. If you choose to have a studio photoshoot, the studio is YOURS. This provides you with 100% privacy. You will be provided with a FEMALE assistant who will help you with any posing assistance (hair, wardrobe, prop adjustments) you may need. Your assistant will be with you for the duration of your photoshoot.


The pace is relaxed and unrushed. Anybody can take a picture. We're not taking pictures, we are taking portraits. By their very nature, a portrait needs to capture personality. We take the time to get not only the technical aspects of fine portraiture just right, but also capture the personality that makes you... well... YOU.


It's about mood and about style.

It's about playful and sultry.

It's about creating that jaw-dropping gift that makes your lover speechless.

It's about making YOU look and FEEL beautiful!


You will find that its a fun, relaxed atmosphere and you will quickly find yourself at ease. Our spa-like feel, comfortable robes and the makover you receive will make you feel like a million dollars before your photoshoot even begins.


We have a number of packages and options available.


Mild to Wild Boudoir Photography

5431 Hawthorn Glen

Charlestown, IN 47111


(We're only a few minutes from Downtown Louisville)


(502) 415-4237



Our normal studio hours are:

By Appointment


We understand that your photoshoot may be part of a surprise for your wedding night, anniversary, a birthday or Valentines Day. Whatever the occasion, we will work with your schedule to make sure your surprise stays a surprise. We are available nights and weekends to accommodate your needs.


8 Reasons Book a Boudoir Session at Mild to Wild


Be Beautiful!

Ladies, you do not need to be a size 2, nor do you need to be 20 years old to look gorgeous in your portraits! (hint… even those supermodels have flaws!) Never choose to NOT do boudoir photography because you want to lose that 10 or 25 pounds or because of those stretch marks or whatever your hesitation may be! We choose poses that highlight your best features and are best for your body type. We then professionally and carefully retouch your selected images (just like the supermodels in the magazines get!). Trust us, you’ll look fantastic!


Get HOT without being BOTHERED!

Get dressed up, wear your very finest, get a makeover, go out for the evening and have a GREAT time, without being hit on oven once! Wear that dress that you never get to wear, slip into the thigh-highs and wear those heels!


Go shopping!

If you need an excuse (right?) to go shopping, this is it! Ever wanted a corset and garter belt? Or maybe that bra and panty set you’ve been eying? You’ll want a pair of shoes that goes with your best outfit! You’ll get very good use out of these after your session too! Don’t forget your nails… your hands will be featured prominently your portraits!


Self Confidence!

Here is one that most of our ladies don’t expect. After you see your portraits, you will understand what we mean. You will be the very best YOU in your images, and you get to see what your significant other sees in you. The favorite part of our job is seeing our client’s reaction when viewing their own photos for the first time!


Have fun!

Our clients always comment on how much fun the experience is and how they wish they’d relaxed more before their session. We talk, we laugh about silly things (you’d be surprised at how often we need to take a few seconds to compose ourselves for the next shot) and we involve our clients in the creative process.


Not the same old gift!

Boudoir photography is the perfect wedding night, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or “just because” gift! Do something unexpected! We promise he'll forget all about those work boots he wanted when he sees your portraits!


Make your friends insanely jealous!

When you show your girlfriends your portraits, they WILL be envious!


Do it for YOU!

Most of our clients have boudoir photography done as a gift for someone else, but end up getting every bit as much out of it as their lover. It’s a uniquely sexy, fun and safe experience that you will feel good about having done!


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